Wedding Make-up & Hair

Wedding Make-up & Hair

I think that doing make-up and hair for someone’s wedding is a very special honour. Not only do the bride have to trust me to make a look her best, but also to reflect who she is on this important day of her life. And a happy bride sets the tone of the entire wedding day. Therefore a trial session with the bride is of the utmost importance to me. I can talk to her about what it that she is envisioning for the day.

Also, I believe the overall look of the style of the wedding gown must fit the make-up and hair style. The trial session gives me a chance to get to know her better so that on the wedding day, she can be totally relaxed and confident about the outcome of the overall look.

With over 20 years experience as a wedding make-up and hair stylist,  I have also been training artist for the last 15 years to become make-up and hair artist for weddings and the fashion industry. I have had numerous Brides published in fashion magazines and also featured in social media bridal publications.

Make-up consultation & trial:

The consultation takes place at your home.

We discuss the make-up look you want regarding what will suit your personality and also the overall theme of your wedding.  We will also discuss different hairstyles. You may want to send me pictures of a few hairstyles beforehand that you like. We can decide together what will suit you best.

If you have another stylist for your hair, it is advisable to have the trial of the wedding hair on the same day before you come for your wedding make-up trial. This way you can see the overall look of hair and make-up together. 


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