Q&A with Anneline Black from Anneline Black Studios


Q&A with Anneline Black from Anneline Black Studios

Anneline Black is an international renowned make-up artist, hair stylist and image stylist.

Black opened her first make-up studio in 2004, then known as Brushstrokes School of Make-up & Hair. Today her studio, Anneline Black Studios, is highly respected for its fashion industry artist training and styling. Anneline has recently become the Pasella Style Guru, among other accolades and media roles.

What is your personal philosophy regarding make-up?
I love to use make-up as a tool to make women feel better about their appearance. Beauty is a perception. We are all beautiful, therefore, we can have fun enhancing what we already have! Make-up can also be used to show different aspects of who we are and how we feel. However, I believe that you need to know who you are first, before you can express yourself effectively.

What are your top make-up tips for ethnic skins?

  • Get the undertone of the foundation right.
  • Avoid powders with pink or multi usage powders.
  • Some ethnic skins have two tones – use two foundations to match skin perfectly – generally a lighter shade in the middle and darker around outer edges of face.
  • Under-eye circles can sometimes appear purple or blue-black. Using ordinary concealer is not enough, as it will go grey. You will need to use an orange-tone lipstick or shadow to diffuse the colour, and then conceal as normal.

What are the biggest make-up mistakes you see women making?
Wearing too much or too little foundation. Women wear too much because they feel self-conscious about their pigmentation and it is also a bit of a mask to hide behind. Women wear too little as they don’t want to look overdone, but end up not hiding the obvious things like dark circles and redness on nose.

What are your top 5 dos and don’ts for women wanting to invest in make-up?


  1. Learn how to apply your make-up properly by consulting a professional make-up artist.
  2. Focus on contouring and highlighting your best features, rather than loading on layers of make-up.
  3. Invest in a good quality brush kit to give your make-up a polished look.
  4. Get the right foundation, concealer and powder colour, texture and formula that suit your skin.
  5. Update your make-up “look” from time to time.


  1. Assume all sales consultants selling make-up are make-up artists. You may leave with products that don’t particularly suit or flatter your skin tone.
  2. Assume expensive is necessarily better.
  3. Buy all your make-up at sales promotions. There is a reason why those products didn’t sell in the first place!
  4. Over-pluck your brows. Have your brows tweezed or threaded by a professional into the perfect shape.
  5. Over-do the bronzer, especially if it is very orange-looking. Not natural at all! Choose a colour close to your skin colour, with minimum shimmer.

What question are you most often asked?
How long it takes me to do my make-up in the morning! It takes about seven minutes, as I do this every morning so I almost can do it in my sleep!

Any final words of beauty wisdom?
Beauty is in a smile, and sexy is an attitude.


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