1st Impression & Style Makeover Workshop


Presented by professional stylist and Television presenter, Anneline Black.

1st impressions are formed within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, and often last for years. Anneline shows you how to create a positive and powerful 1st impression.


  • Create a better 1st impression and reflection of individual and company’s brand

  • Enhanced positive body language

  • Create a stronger awareness of how you present yourself to the world/client

  • Increased personal confidence

  • Learn effective styling to suit your body shape


  • 1st impression – why is it important

  • What does your voice say about you?

  • Posture – at a glance, how confident are you?

  • Body language – be more aware of the signals you send. What are open and closed gestures?

  • Colour – the importance and the psychology of the colors we wear – some helpful hints.

  • Body shape – identify and handy tips on how to dress different shapes (male & female).

  • Accessorize to express your brand appropriately.

  • Men – Grooming Tips

  • Ladies – make-up tips (optional).

  • Last but not least: Putting it all together!!!


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